VPN and Security

What is a VPN and what it can do to secure your information online

VPN and Security

On many occasions, we have recommended readers to use a private network VPN when connected to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) public. In this way, traffic that is generated travels encrypted and it is difficult that a third party can steal confidential information. In this post, we’ll explain more about this type of networks, some applications that will give, encryption protocols, among other relevant information.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a networking technology that is used to connect one or more computers to a private network using the Internet. Companies often use a VPN so that its employees from their homes, hotels, etc., can access to corporate resources that otherwise could not. However, connect the computer of an employee to the corporate resources is just a function of a VPN. In conjunction with the above, a correct implementation of this technology ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the information.

As you can guess it, via a VPN what private and confidential information in the wrong hands, it could be detrimental to any company. This is exacerbated if the employee in question is connected using a public Wi-Fi without protection. Fortunately, this problem can be mitigated by encrypting the data that is sent and received. To achieve this goal, you can use the following protocols:

IPsec (Internet Protocol Security): it allows to improve security through robust encryption algorithms and a more comprehensive authentication system. IPsec has two methods of encryption, transport mode and tunnel mode. Also supports encryption from 56 bit and 168 bit (triple DES).

PPTP/MPPE: technology developed by a consortium of several companies. PPTP supports multiple VPN protocols with encryption-40 bit and 128 bit using the Protocol Microsoft Point to Point Encryption (MPPE). PPTP by itself only but does not encrypt the information.

L2TP/IPsec (L2TP over IPsec): technology capable of providing the level of protection of IPsec on the L2TP tunneling protocol. Like PPTP, L2TP does not encrypt the information itself.

Part of the protection of the information that travels through a VPN encryption, however, make sure that it stays full is just as momentous. To achieve this, IPsec uses a mechanism that detects any changes within a package, whether to dismiss it. Protect the confidentiality and integrity of information by using a top VPN service is a good measure to navigate public and insecure Wi-Fi even if you don’t want access to a corporate resource.

On the other hand, home users who wish to use a VPN network, can choose between free and others pay. It is important to mention that those free tend to run slower than one that is not. Also, we recommend reading our guide of security in wireless networks where other measures that can be taken to use a public wireless connection in a more secure manner are reviewed.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

There are many good reasons for a company or user to buy Instagram Followers

Reasons to Buy Instagram Followers

When you want to build revenues using social media platforms like Instagram, your goal is not to turn over sales of each post (it’s so good when that happens.) Sales may be your ultimate goal, but their efforts on Instagram are the means with which you will be able to boost engagement and build relationships with their customers. Keep the focus on improving the quality of your content and build these relationships and sales will come. What are some of the ways that you have used the Instagram to build sales of your business?

The Zoom tool of Instagram barely out and the marks are already increasing the possibility of amplitude of this mechanism. Several companies are already creating test posts to advertise their products.

To make consumers a closer look all Valley: Map for a brand of vodka, a train path for GE and the feel of the Bud Light flavor and crunch chicken from KFC. The options are endless and only tend to grow.

Check out 11 brands that best utilized the novelty. To have the opportunity to interact with the piece, visualize them on an Iphone. Unfortunately, the update is not available for Android yet.

ançando in 2010 as an application that applies filters to pictures and videos, Instagram has gone through several changes, no longer just a space to share personal images and becoming a business tool for brands and companies. Is the profile of a grocery store, a clothing store, a shoe company or january 1 environmental solutions company, the important thing is to generate relevant content in order to bring engagement and positive results in sales and corporate image.

Buying followers on Instagram is a legit practice and should be used as a targeted marketing strategy

The local entrepreneurs who wish to be recognized as a commercial profile, may use, in brief, the new tools that the application Instagram developed to leverage the business in the digital world, consumers organizations.

The “Instagram Business” will assist in communication with potential customers more practice for information directly in the company profile. On the other hand, the entrepreneur will know when and what type of posting to invest, for example, to have a better performance. The statistics will be offered in the application itself. The novelty was tested first in three countries: United States, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil will be available in the next few weeks.

According to the founder and CTO of Fermen.to Agency, Luiz Júnior, expected that Instagram it the enterprise branch, since it was bought in 2012 by Facebook. Resulting in more features for social networking. “The Instagram is the social network more closed to developers and to marketing. (…) So, obviously the tags used in some way, but always limited in user-level system. I think now with this openness to business brands will be able to make full use of the tools, reach more people, “said junior.

The new tools are similar to what is already done in the business pages on Facebook, a metric system for segmenting the public and direct the content. According to the media performance, Bruno Uchoa, innovation will facilitate statistical work was done manually. “Has two great advantages: first, companies will be able to measure activities that do; (…) equal to Facebook, are sponsoring the publications “, presented Uchoa.

Como conseguir mais likes no Instagram

Formas rápidas de conseguires mais likes nas tuas fotos e publicações do Instagram

Como conseguir mais likes no Instagram

Instagram lançou sua característica de histórias no início deste mês — que é basicamente uma imitação do Snapchat histórias — a fim de explorar o mercado de mídias sociais efêmeras. Em ambos os recursos, Snapchat e Instagram deixam suas fotos e vídeos expiram após 24 horas, mas os telespectadores ainda podem tirar screenshots. Snapchat permite que você saiba quem tomou um screenshot de sua história; Instagram não. Snapchat não permite que os telespectadores para baixar vídeos de outras pessoas, mas há uma série de aplicativos de terceiros que oferecem essa opção.

Depois de baixar a extensão, histórias de seus amigos pop-up na parte superior do seu navegador. Se há um vídeo na história, você pode facilmente baixar, comprar likes para fotos do instagram que diminui o apelo do recurso supostamente efémero. A extensão do Chrome não é conceitualmente diferente dos aplicativos de terceiros que permitem que você baixar Snapchat histórias, mas fá-lo realmente fácil.

Garcia especula que Instagram está salvando todas as nossas fotos e vídeos para criar um recurso de “On This Day” para histórias. Ele escreve, “Sinto-me como eles devem ser mover esses arquivos para um arquivo em algum lugar, não mantê-los hospedado sob o mesmo link.”

Este levanta dúvidas sobre como proteger servidores do Instagram é, especialmente desde que foi tão fácil para Garcia criar a extensão. Se o Instagram e sua controladora Facebook com segurança não arquivamento nossas histórias de Instagram, eles são com segurança arquivamento nossas outras informações?

No instagram é possível adquirir likes ou curtidas para as suas fotos muito rápidamente

Não está claro se a nova extensão faz Instagram histórias menos atraente. a maioria dos usuários provavelmente não vai estar ciente disso. O bug que explode, no entanto, chama a atenção para o conflito das mídias sociais efêmeras. Na era digital, basicamente qualquer coisa que você colocar on-line para sempre, que é uma das razões por que o Snapchat é tão popular. Mesmo assim, Snapchat basicamente minaram a premissa fundamental de sua app — e o que verdadeiramente separou da sua concorrência — quando introduziu sua característica de memórias no mês passado. O novo recurso também serviu como um lembrete para os usuários que, mesmo que você pode sentir como desaparecerem de suas mensagens, Snapchat mantém um registro.

Como aplicativos que são projetados para serem “efêmera” tornam-se cada vez mais menos assim, que põe em causa quanto isso importa mesmo para os usuários. Se você não está fugindo o olhar atento de uma figura de autoridade, esse bug do Instagram não é uma preocupação enorme simplesmente porque a empresa é salvar suas imagens aparentemente efêmeras. Ele vem como nenhuma surpresa que as empresas de mídia social gostam de manter seus dados (muito valiosos). O bug é, no entanto, causa de preocupação, porque revela que seus dados não são necessariamente seguros.

Instagram clonou praticamente Snapchat com um novo recurso chamado histórias – mas só porque é um imitador, não significa que você não deve usá-lo.

Se você já tentou Snapchat, Instagram histórias vai olhar muito familiares para você. É basicamente a mesma premissa, apresentada da mesma forma: improvisada foto e vídeo posts que desaparecem após 24 horas.